Get a Danish trainee in your

Through the PIU programme you have the opportunity to recruit bright, reliable and highly motivated young people


Period of placement: 12 months

Salary: £800 per month at a minimum

Working hours: Full time

Age: 18-19 years old

Lines of business for PIU trainees: Administration, Sales or purchasing, Retail, Freight/Forwarding

Education: All of the trainees have successfully completed commercial upper secondary education or commercial Vocational Education and Training course

Essential skills in: Microsoft Office, marketing, business economics, international economics, good English proficiency

Comment from one of our business partners in England: "We have had an excellent selection of PIU trainees since 2008, all of high standard... All trainees have been conscientious, reliable and settled well into their role at the firm. I would definitely recommend companies to take PIU trainees..."

Elizabeth Johnson, Corren Troen Law LLP in London

Read more about the Corren Troen's experience with the PIU programme here 





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